GSMArena reviews the Samsung i8910 Omnia HD

GSMArena review the Samsung i8910 Omnia HDNow that the Samsung i8910 Omnia HD has finally found its way into reviewer’s arms, it looks like we may finally start to see some final reviews of Samsung’s wonder handset. Following two preview articles on the i8910, GSMArena has finally released its full review.

They confirmed that the delay was due to the fact that Samsung froze production of the i8910 shortly after its release on carriers at the end of May due to software problems. It claims that the handset is now available worldwide with “all bugs fixed”.

Their overall verdict was certainly a positive one, calling it “one of the best equipped handsets we’ve ever had the chance to review.” It refers to the AMOLED screen as “one of the top units in the touchscreen realm.” They were pleased with the HD camcorder output (given the improvement in audio), although they felt there was room for improvement with the framerate.

The review includes a number of camera and video samples. I couldn’t see exactly what firmware was being used, but it would be interesting to know. You can check out their full review here.

6 thoughts on “GSMArena reviews the Samsung i8910 Omnia HD

  1. Wow can’t wait to read from one of the best review sites thnx for the heads up ;)

  2. Read the review…..shame they didn’t have the courtesy to review the extremely buggy Orange branded i8910 when it landed back in May! I know if they had, I would not have got the phone at the time. It’s a pretty lame review…especially the conclusion.

    After months of trying to seek help from the support guys at I finally called Orange. Apparently all Orange can do is fill out an online Samsung questionaire whereby a Samsung representive will hopefully contact me……fingers crossed

    I can’t believe how badly the UK consumer has been treated by Samsung. We all know that Orange’s software is flakey but why Samsung UK could not and has not released the latest firmware update to all, via their website is what one can only describe as very bad form by Samsung. In my mind they shown nothing but contempt for all those early adopters. They advised me to take it to Samsung service center. Up on getting there I was told they would need to send my phone away?!?!?!?! and for up to 3WEEKS!!!!!!!! why did Samsung not tell me this before I went there……They really are out of touch with their customers and their service centres.

    Why should we have to debrand our phones to get it working the way it was intended to in the first place. This not only invalidates any warrenty but again shows contempt to all those who showed faith in Samsung when the phone was initially released through Orange. Even over at Orange who are always extremely helpful, the support staff have not even had a hands on sniff of the phone…….So much for being able to provide support for something which Orange branded……you can’t help but laugh at Samsung and Oranges sheer ineptitude.

    The issues I am having with the phone are as follows:

    Phone freezing.
    Camera settings not saving.
    Audio when recording being of poor quality.
    Battery de-charging very quickly through little or no use.
    Calls disconnecting even when signal strength is high.

    All I want is the phone that I should have had from the off. It’s akin to trying to drive a Ferrari without an engine. I don’t mean to sound bitter I just don’t like to be treated with the contempt I feel consumers like myself have been shown.

    I hope things get better and soon.

    Hope you find my moaning helpful.



  3. We got an Orange-branded I8910 HD mid June and love lots of things about it .. but we have the following issues:

    The charging animation never changes to show a static fully charged logo – even after several days and it doesn’t matter if we charge from mains adaptor or other means. So we don’t know if it has charged properly or not.
    When on-line and browsing the internet it often drops out, even though the signal is still there.

    We love a lot about it but regret that our ISP has no plans for a mobile-friendly portal, so checking webmail is an absolute pain. First you wait ages for loads of graphics to load then you have to scroll to the right and down to get the login area. Then the actual login button is so near a hotspot for some other part of the ISP’s homepage, it can sense this by mistake. So these are not issues with the phone except that scrolling is not reliable. Does anyone know an ISP with easy access to webmail? One other one we tried cannot accept that the phone won’t run cookies so it fails.

    I have found a reference to a software update being available but don’t know how to get it.

  4. were is that update ??? wtf russia has it !!! the only samsung hd in omnia is maybe the president’s omnia hd
    we from western europa,and usa , don’t get that update yet ??? that doesnt make any sense to me

    this is tow speaking

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