Samsung i8910 Omnia HD wins EISA Award

EISAThe Samsung i8910 Omnia HD smartphone has won the ‘European Camera Phone 2009-2010’ award from EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association). Apart from the camera, EISA also has awards for best music phone, business phone, smartphone and Personal Media Player.

As one of the first mobile handsets to offer HD video recording, it’s perhaps no surprise to see the i8910 winning. Especially when combined with its 8MP camera that offers a number of scene modes (including the fantastic panoramic option). However, given its capabilities as a multimedia device, you could give a sound argument for the i8910 HD winning PMP of the year too!

2 thoughts on “Samsung i8910 Omnia HD wins EISA Award

  1. I love my i8910, but I dont think that the media player is all that good… :( But I really love the camera, its just a shame that I cant update the firmware to support the latest “audio recording codec thingy” I changed the orange UK firmware to some foreign one (I can’t remember which country) but now I can’t change it at all… :( (it must have had a firmware lock or something on the one I changed to…)

  2. that shouldn’t be right? Surely you can still flash the firmware back to whatever firmware you choose? I was under the impression that re-flashing it, bypasses everything and simply overwrites the instruction set?

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