Samsung i8910 gets new XEII1 update & 3D TaskSwitcher

Samsung i8910 HD 3D TaskSwitcherA new Samsung i8910 HD firmware update is now out for Hong Kong & Russian models. The XEII1 has some quite interesting additions including a new 3D TaskSwitcher. We’ve attached a video of this in action after the break and appears to work very smoothly.

Other additions include an improved keyboard with increased spacing between keys. The browser stop bug has also been fixed. We have attached a changelog after the break that includes a number of other changes. Sounds like some worthwhile additions and we look forward to this being rolled in other regions soon.

XEII1 Firmware

XEII1 Firmware

XEII1 Firmware

Via SymbianWorld.

30 thoughts on “Samsung i8910 gets new XEII1 update & 3D TaskSwitcher

  1. @SymbianWorld: Apologies. I had certainly meant to source the article (we always do!) Must have got sidetracked with the news! :)

  2. hey guys, i just want to ask if anyone know if samsung updated the phones [ samsung i8910 hd ] in the uk yet? because i’ve really been itching to buy this phone and i want to make sure it has the new software version.

  3. Just flashed it over IG2, did a restore from the backed-up settings. Everything fine except missing messages / mail account.
    Feels faster, 3D taskswitcher is fun, but not really an improvement over taskman or anything similar.

  4. addition: the “don’t-charge-while-connected-via-usb”-option is unfortunately still missing (unless somebody can tell me, where it’s hidden…).

  5. i wish kinetic scrolling will be added by is going to roll out a new firmware for the n97 featuring kinetic scrolling everywhere.this means that it can indeed be done.i hope samsung can do it as well.

  6. I want to know if you can change the color of the screen that comes up when you are texting or typing in on the i8910…

    WHY IS IT BROWN!!! anything but BROWN !!


  7. i know im going to sound like a real noob here but, how do you actually flash the phone with this firmware? doesnt that mean i have to debrand it..?

  8. Hi, do you know if this firmware improved the frame rate on HD videorecording ? I just get 22 fps. maximum with iG2.

  9. I’m really new to this,so can someone PLEASE explain, where can I download this firmware and can someone post me a detailed explanation how to upgrade it, because I don’t know a thing, and is there any chance of ruining my Omnia HD??I have XXIF8 software version and software version date is 15/06/2009…thanks:))

  10. Can someone please tell me where you can download the firmwire updates for the samsung omnia hd?..

  11. fionnmulvey come to the sohd forum and sign up i have a guide with the links and everything you need to do this it is all free hope to see you in the forum and just come to the firmware section

  12. brett moderator Thank you very much :D im new to all this so sorry for asking that question lol!. but ill sign up to the forum right now :) thanks again really apreciate it :D .!

  13. hey can anyone let me know when the latest firmware for the samsung i8910 hd will be available world wide.

  14. Please help me with I8910SERII2 Firmware!!


    I would really appreciate a expert’s help please.
    I have downloaded I8910SERII2 Firmware and i do notknow how to install it on my phone. I cannot find any instructions on the internet. Please help.

    I have a Samsung i8910 omnia HD from Europe.
    Which one do i have to download?
    How do i install it?
    please help

    Thanks JS

  15. Wonder how much longer the rest of the world will have to wait!
    Other products will be hitting the markets in no time, and, I don’t think they’ll be as bad as this i8910 (software/firmware wise).
    Next time I’ll think more than once b4 buying any SAMSUNG product.
    Shape up SAMSUNG ..!!!!

  16. hi, im from india. i own a omnia hd n want to upgrade firmware but there is no firmware update available for indian can i update with any available??like I8910UCHNII4_Generic_China???

  17. i am using a omnia HDi8910
    samsung is doing such a bad way of customer support
    such a big brand
    cannot find a site to update
    this is my first and last
    product of samsung
    better nokia phones and iphones
    either choose cheaper or a costlier phones
    but not as costlier with a secret phone like samsung
    cost is not a problem but customer support is costlier sucks
    cannot find

  18. I am surprised and totally shocked to Samsung’s response. I am totally disappointed with Samsung…
    I dont know how this company works.. It is pathetic…
    Without support dont buy this phone it is just shining shit..

  19. Im thinking of buying this phone, iv read some reviewes, it ticks all the boxes for me but thier is one issue with the poor sound playback in AMR format this is the only thing that is a deal breaker for me, does anybody know after the firmware upgrade does this improve the sound has anybody tried and tested this…? as i know it upgrades it to AAC format…many thanks.

  20. hi! I’ve got this firmware in my omnia hd and navigation is in russian language… Is there any possibility to change the language? thank you!

  21. now i have planned not to buy any samsung phone in fututre,because samsung has not provide self updation at home. I have tried for last 2 months in samsung service centre for its firmware updation but the enggr. of the SSc could not vein, they lastly seems very helpless, samsung has very poor service inspite of Nokia.

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