Samsung resurrecting i8910 HD with Windows Phone 7 OS?

Samsung WinPho7 mobileMicrosoft MIX10 is a conference for mobile devs that’s taking place right now in Las Vegas. The company’s upcoming Windows Phone 7 mobile operating systems has been garnering a lot of headlines and yesterday a few handsets sporting the new OS were shown off.

Handsets from Acer, LG and Samsung were shown and it was Samsung’s offering that interested me the most… mainly because it appears to be almost identical to the Samsung i8910 Omnia HD. Yes, Samsung has slightly changed the front three hardware buttons, but apart from that it looks identical to me.

Microsoft is dictating hardware requirements for WinPho7 that means handsets must meet/exceed them to qualify for use. These specs are as follows:

* 800×480 screen (320×480 to follow)
* 256MB RAM, 8GB flash storage
* 4-point multi-touch
* ARMv7 Cortex/Scorpion or better
* DirectX9 support by GPU
* Codec acceleration (probably on GPU via DirectX)
* 5 megapixel camera with flash and separate camera button
* Three hard buttons: Start, Search, and Back
* GPS, accelerometer, compass, light and proximity sensors

So it seems that Samsung will have to change a few things under the hood but apart from that it seems as if it will be closely based on the i8910 HD. However, Samsung may just be showing this as a prototype device and final hardware may look a lot different, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Personally, I wish Samsung released an i8910 HD with Android instead…

Update: Samsung is blaming Microsoft for the ‘hacked’ WP7 i8910 HD: “The launch was from Microsoft, not Samsung, and they used the i8910HD to demo Windows 7,” said a Samsung spokesperson. “It’s not yet clear whether existing i8910HD users will be able to upgrade to Windows 7 as this demo was a one-off.” [TechRadar]

Samsung WinPho7 mobile

Samsung WinPho7 mobile

Via Slashgear and Engadget.

10 thoughts on “Samsung resurrecting i8910 HD with Windows Phone 7 OS?

  1. Be great if we could get a nice new operating system on the phone, even if just to give us the option over which OS to use.
    Think tbh, phones will become more like full computers, raw hardware which users can choose what software to throw on there.

  2. I think symbian sunk i8910hd. If it had come with Android or even Windows it would have rivaled iPhone and Nexus One. I wish i could use Android on it…

  3. Bought i8910 for it’s spec. It has amazing screen. problem is has NO integration and most functions are a double click. Don’t like the fact that messages or alarms go off the screen when one silences them and one has to retrieve them. I think I will go for the firmware upgrade as I am stuck in a contract. for the long term I will not show brand loyalty ( I did not want apple as I dislike their control of my set and information) and just get an iphone. This i8910 is sooooo disappointing

  4. that is defintly the i8910 but i like how samsung have jumped in and wait we didnt let microsoft use the phone lol

    be interesting to see where this leads and how it will compete with the andriod system ???

  5. Symbian’s not that bad on the i8910. Frankly the i8910 out of the box was flawed, it didn’t help that the the box it came in was pitiful…lol. As been noted over and over again it was poorly handled with respect to it’s software and wasn’t used to the full capacity of it’s software. then steps in the online community to remedy this ailing slab of tech and now it’s a competitive phone again.

    i8910 HD running Windows.. looks funny especially if you’ve owned the phone. Also that little windows flag on the front looks even funnier…I agree with the above idea of having android on this badboy perhaps the Omnia HD can be re-distrubted under a different name,.remarked to a broader audience rebuilt with a new chassis that is more alligned to Samsung’s current design aesthetic and also with other phones that carry android..there’s a certain quirkiness to them.

  6. Microsoft is not any stranger to having partners galore within the cellphone business, but its lineup of manufacturers for the upcoming, surprisingly promising Windows Telephone 7 launch is no much less impressive. After plenty of rumoring, Microsoft has confirmed that Dell and HTC will be making Windows Cellphone 7 telephones, along with ASUS, LG, and Samsung who had already been confirmed. All of those firms ought to have their stamp on hardware by the end of the yr, with the launch of the OS nonetheless vaguely slated for the “holidays” Now we have little question that each one five manufacturers can build some compelling, horny hardware, but we’re significantly enthused to see Dell really moving into the game after the impressive Streak and that drool worthy leak a short while back. read extra at followers group.

  7. Can the Symbian on the Samsung i8910 omnia hd be changed to Android? The Symbian sucks on a great phone like the i8910 omnia hd.

  8. can any one tell me how can i change my os to windows 7 in my omnia hd i8910
    pls reply me

  9. Windows operating system is very nice, it is the latest smartphone technology, The Nokia Lumia sales record, looks and the various models are a great example of Nokia smartphones as well as the Windows mobile technology.
    but when it comes to samsung, the hardware, touch screen, battery and the connectivity problem makes it a big problem.
    Despite so many billion issues by the samsung users, they are not trying to fix the issues.
    Some spammers working for Samsung are writing fake things here,
    Either these spammers have never seen any smartphone or are writing here for samsung with the content writing by some content writer. Totally baseless reviews are here and the also out of topic, not related anyways to the above article

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