Omnia HD Wall at CTIA

Wall of Omnia HD'sJust like at the Mobile World Congress in February, Samsung presented a wall of 300 Omnia HD phones at the recent CTIA event in Las Vegas. Gizmodo took the snap, but seemed to completely miss the point in their write up. It certainly makes for a very pretty stand display and also highlights just how vibrant the AMOLED screens in the Omnia HD really are. Click through for a larger picture after the jump. Continue reading

All About Symbian plays with final hardware

OmniaHDAll About Symbian (AAS) spent a day with the Samsung Omnia HD and came back with impressions. They noted that the unit that played with was final hardware and recent (though not final) firmware. They plan to post a number of articles on different aspects of the phone in the coming days/weeks, however this time round they talk about the device itself, form-factor and interface. Having read the article there are a few things that really excite me but also a few things that have me concerned. Continue reading

Engadget gets hands-on with Touchwiz interface

Engadget managed to get hands-on with the OmniaHD’s interface (video below) giving an indication as to what to expect. It is the first time that Samsung has implemented Touchwiz on the S60 symbian platform and from the video it can be seen that on some occasions a double-press is needed to activate the command. As a pre-beta unit though this is to be expected.

What else comes across is how vibrant the 3.7-inch AMOLED is. This is something that I imagine is even more impressive in your hands than what we can tell from videos seen through a computer monitor. Have a look at the video after the jump, it certainly whets our appetite. Continue reading