Create your own shortcut widget for the i8910 HD

Samsung i8910 WidgetPhone widgets are becoming ever more popular on handsets. Samsung is encouraging widget support for the i8910 Omnia HD handset through a competition that we’ve discussed previously. The great thing about it, is that anyone can enter.

Whilst some of you may wonder how on earth you go about creating one, All About Symbian has created quite a handy guide. It covers the simplest form of a widget, the shortcut. You can use one as shortcut to your favourite web site or online service (like Gravity of Profimail). I haven’t tried it myself yet (I’m still working myself around the phone), but would love to hear if any of you have got this working!

Update: Enterprising forum member warpfive has created a widget for this website. Click here for more details!

Samsung’s TouchWiz UI gets new widgets

Samsung has announced that it is working with Yahoo, Google and to introduce a new set of rich connected mobile applications that will run on its touchscreen phones. They haven’t identified exactly which devices these new widgets will appear on, but I’d be very surprised if the Omnia HD wasn’t one of them.

Sounds like a good move to me. I already enjoy using Yahoo Widgets on my desktop so to have some of those on my mobile sounds like a great idea. Hope to have more on this soon.

Video comparison: Omnia HD vs. iPhone 3G vs. Omnia

Omnia HD vs. iPhone 3G vs. OmniaI have just come across this interesting hands-on video comparing the Omnia HD against the original Omnia and the iPhone 3G. Seeing all three side-by-side shows just how vibrant the Omnia HD’s screen is compared to the other two. We all know, of course, how nice the iPhone screen is, but even that pales into comparison. The Omnia is a distinct third here, with a weak display compared to the other two.

When playing with the Omnia HD, you can see just how responsive the screen is to touch and I’m not sure I saw one failed touch action. At 2 minutes 35 seconds in the video he switches the Omnia HD on and it takes roughly 32 seconds before we see the Samsung interface screen. For those interested in video playback, check out the video from 6 minutes 34 seconds. It really does seem a highlight of the phone with some very smooth playback.

The benefits of the OLED screen can be seen when showing just how extreme the viewing angles. Even when the phone is nearly perpendicular to the camera you can still make out the action on the screen. Truly fantastic stuff. The Touchwiz widget interface can also be seen from 9 minutes. There is no commentary on the video but is quite clear to follow. Check it out after the break. Continue reading

Engadget gets hands-on with Touchwiz interface

Engadget managed to get hands-on with the OmniaHD’s interface (video below) giving an indication as to what to expect. It is the first time that Samsung has implemented Touchwiz on the S60 symbian platform and from the video it can be seen that on some occasions a double-press is needed to activate the command. As a pre-beta unit though this is to be expected.

What else comes across is how vibrant the 3.7-inch AMOLED is. This is something that I imagine is even more impressive in your hands than what we can tell from videos seen through a computer monitor. Have a look at the video after the jump, it certainly whets our appetite. Continue reading